Monsoon friendly fabrics

Funny time in summer rain

The first step to decoding monsoon dressing is choosing the right fabric. So, lets just talk about which fabric is to wear in this season. You can opt for something that’s not too sheer yet is light on the skin.


Cotton is an excellent material for the humid climate as it allows air to flow in and around the skin, creating a cooling effect while keeping you dry.


This fabric can feel like silk yet it is similar to cotton and linen in its cool and airy construction. It does not add body heat and absorbs moisture easily.


This is a great choice of monsoon because it breathes beautifully. It is light, summery and does not stick to the body.


Denim is the perfect material for every season and if you want to wear it in this season, there is nothing better than ripped denim shorts.


If you are up for some skin show this monsoon, then stock your wardrobe with polyester crop tops. They are comfy, chic and apt for this rainy season. Instead of wearing them with clingy jeans, go for a culottes.


To get the perfect look for this rainy season, a colorful crepe dress is just perfect. Pair it up with the sassy sling bag.



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